Oilwell Fishing Tools & Casing Whipstock Services

The bulk of our fishing tools inventory is manufactured by Bowen Tools Inc., Houston Texas, the premier fishing tools manufacturing company in the world. Other system available are tools manufactured by Baker Oil Tools, Smith International (AZ-Servco), Houston.

Bowen Fishing Tools

  • Overshot, Bowen Series 150 Releasing and Circulating
  • Overshots, Bowen Series 70 Releasing, Short Catch Overshots
  • Overshots, Bowen Series 10 Accessories
  • Overshot Grapples, Extensions Subs & Accessories
  • Jar, Bowen Super Fishing Center
  • Jars, Type ZTM Oil Jars
  • Jars, Bowen Super II Fishing Jars, Intensifiers / Accelerators
  • Bowen Hydraulic Jar Tester
  • Spears, Bowen Full Circle
  • Spears, Bowen Itco Type
  • Spear Grapple, Suckers Rod Overshots
  • Fishing Lubricated Bumper
  • Bowen Peck-O-Matic Service

Other Fishing Equipment, Tools & Accessories

  • Washover Pipes
  • Washover Shoes
  • Junk Subs
  • Junk Baskets, Reverse Circulation
  • Safety Joints
  • Underreamers
  • Hydraulic External Cutters
  • Internal Cutters