Drilling and Workstring Rentals & Services

Technically deconstructing the future of the oil and gas drilling and the E & P industry commands that we totally embrace the industries rapid incursions and advancement into extreme, performance demanding environments commensurate with an equivalency on improvement on pre-existent equipment / materials and advancement in research and developmental breakthroughs capable of zeroing or closing out the challenges
Equipped with these elaborate and clearly defined ideas TECON OIL SERVICES LTD, a regional and imperial upstream player in the drilling and downhole tools intelligent solutions, provisions and rentals echelon, has typically latched onto these challenges and employed its legendary problem solving skills in seeking, acquisition and assemblage (stocking) of world class, fit for purpose equipment, superior performance and design optimized drillstring Workstring downhole, fishing and specialty tools and elements etc.

Major Tools and equipment include:

  • Drilling Jars
  • Drilling Jar Accelerators
  • Drill Pipes
  • Drill Collars
  • Drill Pipe Pup Joins
  • Short Drill Collars
  • Horizontal / Multilateral Wells
  • Drilling String Assemblies
  • Slips
  • Integral Blade Satabilizers
  • Non-rotating Stabilizers
  • Hole Openers
  • Underreamers
  • Slim Hole Equipment
  • Heavy Weight Drill Pipes
  • Elevators
  • Tubular Inspection and Storage Services
  • Safety Valves

Objectively, Procurement of proprietary, design optimized, non-standard drillstring is an overall expensive venture and should be appreciated because of the following reasons
a. Extreme cost of thread recycling and maintenance.
b. Auxiliary and ancillary requirements.
However if your drillstring down-hole concerns are peculiar to those highlighted above, then you are typically assured of renting performance enhanced/superior designed fit-for-purpose, globally trusted tubulars with constructive and productive gains in tackling different phases of downhole drilling/completions uncertainties and abnormalities.