Casing and Tubular Running Equipment Rentals & Services

Tecon Oil Services Limited offers a wide range of Casing & Tubing Running Services using the best quality casing tools in the industry. Our tubular running services delivers safe and efficient running of casings & tubings and reducing nonproductive time.

We are one of the largest indegenous casing & tubing running companies in Nigeria.

We have in our inventory a large pool of advance tubular running equipment, tools like Hydraulic Power Tongs, 6 Clinlyder Power Packs, Elevators, FMS, Computerized Torque Turn Equipment, Consumables and Casing Crew, Handling Tools etc.

New Technology available in Tecon’s Casing & Completion Running department:
Clincher Chrome Master Tongs with Grit Face Non Marking Dies for Running 13% and 23% Chrome Tubulars

Various Sizes and Types of Elevators, and Slips to Handle Running of 13% and 23% Chrome Tubulars.

14” Clincher Tong With Integral Backup for Casing Sizes from 7’ up to 14”Casing.
Drawworks Fillup and Circulation Tools With Autovalve on Flexible Hose to Prevent Spillage after Fillup

Hudraulically Operated Flush Mounted Spiders to Handle Sizes from 2 3/8” TO 14” Casings