Oilwell Fishing Tools & Casing Whipstock Services

Overshots, Spears, Cutters(Internal $ External)
Washpipes, Mills, Packer Pickers, Accessories
Specialist Consultancy

Drilling and Workstring Rentals & Services

High Torque Drill Pipes, Hevi Wates
Drill Collars, HYD FJ Washpipes
Tubings, Pup Joints
Handling Tools

Pipes Cleaning, Pipe Threading, Machineshop , Fabrication and Manufacturing Services

High Pressure Cleaning Machines
Welding Machines & Lathe Machines
CNC Machines

Mobile Land Drilling & Workover Rigs

Hire/Operations and Maintenance.
Land and Drilling Rig Units, and Intermediation in Deep Offshore Packages.
Integrated Field Development, Workover and Project Management Services.

Casing and Tubular Running Equipment Rentals & Services

Hydraulic power tongs, power packs, computerized torque turn equipment, consumables and casing crew, handling tools etc.

Hydraulic Workover Services

Pulling Units for Offshore Platforms,
Workbarges, Liftboats & Land Workover
ESP Completions, Abandonment & Well Intervention Contract Services

Work Boat and Barges, Hire and Construction

Spudded Work Barges Rental
Fuel/Water/Ramp Barges Rental
20-80 Man Houseboats Rental
Supply/Crew Boats Rental
Barges/Tank Construction and Refurbishment
Slipway Jetty

OCTG Procurement, Storage & Sales

Supply of Various Sizes and Grades of Casing,
Production Tubing, Pup Joints and Blast Joints
of both Standard and Premium Connections.

Drilling Jars, Drilling Accelerators, Shock Tools, And Jar Service Centre Operations

Drilling Jar Rentals and Redress
Servicing of Drilling & Fishing Jar
Makeup & Breakout of Couplings 2.375” – 14”



Who We Are

Tecon Oil Services Limited is a wholly indigenous, ISO-certified, value-driven company providing quality equipment rentals and services to the E&P and Service companies in the upstream sector of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry.

Our extensive range of services include Hydraulic Workover/Snubbing operations, Casing & Tubular Running services, Drillstring & Workstring Rentals, Fishing Tools Rentals & Services, Machineshop & Fabrication, Jar Servicing, Breakout & Testing, Pumping & Filtration Services, Work Boats & Barges Rentals, among others.

TECON continues to break new grounds by investing in cutting-edge technology and equipment, highly skilled personnel, and is committed to the development of Local Content. We leverage on our leading position in many of our service segments to offer support services to our clients for a cost-effective service delivery.

We're Certified