About Us

About Us


Tecon Oil Services Ltd. is a wholly indigenous company that originated as an Isle of Man-based entity under the control of an American Investor group through Alliance Oil of Houston, Texas. In 1991, Tecon transitioned into a 100% Nigerian company through acquisition while maintaining its Isle of Man identity.


Our primary objective is to create and enhance value while delivering competitive returns to our investors. Tecon has established itself as a prominent player in the field of Oilfield Equipment Rentals, offering specialized services such as Oil Well Fishing, Casing and Tubing Running, Oil Well Snubbing/Hydraulic Workover Services, Machine shop/Tool fabrication, and Redressing, among others.

At Tecon, safety is not only a core principle but also ingrained in our everyday operations. We are unwavering in our commitment to meeting safety standards across all aspects of our business. Our equipment and tools are sourced from world-renowned manufacturers, ensuring the highest quality and reliability.

Our dedicated team at Tecon is driven by a pursuit of excellence and fully committed to meeting the needs of our clients through the delivery of exceptional services. Our motivation stems from our desire to redefine the standard of service delivery by leveraging state-of-the-art equipment, tools, and techniques. We aim to expand and deepen our indigenous service capabilities and portfolios in the provision of oilfield and well engineering services, ultimately striving to become the leading indigenous oilfield service provider in the years ahead.

Through strategic re-engineering, corporate venturing, technical and marketing alliances, as well as investments in equipment acquisition and innovative technologies, Tecon is focused on establishing, maintaining, and expanding leading market positions in key areas of well engineering. This includes drilling, completions, workovers, well services, maintenance, and logistical/support services, with a strong emphasis on asset-based technical expertise and rentable equipment, tools, and units.

Tecon’s strategic vision involves becoming the unrivaled provider of Equipment Rental and Services to major players in the Upstream sector of the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry and the regional offshore markets. We plan to achieve this through corporate re-engineering, acquisition of cutting-edge equipment, adoption of innovative technologies, and strategic skill acquisition investments.

In the dynamic Nigerian Oilfield/Well Engineering landscape, Tecon aims to maximize the potential benefits of any field development project by combining leading-edge Equipment/Tools, technical expertise, and a proven track record of high performance.


Our mission is to establish ourselves as the foremost indigenous Oilfield Service Contractor, delivering cost-effective and cutting-edge Equipment, Tools, Rental, and Integrated Well Engineering Services to our esteemed customers, thereby generating substantial investment returns for our shareholders.


Our objective is to enhance and expand the indigenous service capabilities and portfolios in the field of oilfield and well engineering services. We aspire to emerge as the premier indigenous provider of oilfield services in the coming years.


The personnel at Tecon Oil Services Ltd. are motivated by a commitment to excellence and are fully dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients through the provision of high-quality services.




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