Pipes Cleaning, Pipe Threading, Machineshop , Fabrication and Manufacturing Services

With a Machineshop dedicated to petroleum industry applications, we can machine and cut threads, reface / rebuild tools and manufacture tools and spare parts to API even higher premium standards. With very experience machinist, welders and fabricators, we have capabilities to boost local content and value added to very substantial levels, and to save a lot in tripping time of important tools, parts and components.

Machineshop Services API Standards

  • Manufacturing of new Cross-Overs (including non-megnetic), Sucker Rods, Lifting Subs and other engineered products to exact specification.
  • Rethereading of Drill Pipes, Heavy Weight Drill Pipe, Drill collars, Reammers, Stabilizers, Cross-Over Subs etc.
  • Retheading of Tubing, Casing, Washpipes, Waterwell Pipes.
  • Refacing of Tools-Drill Pipes, HWDP, Drill Collars, Kellys Stabilizers, Underreamer, Subs, etc Stress Relief, Packerize.
  • Manufacture of Couplings, Flanges Pluges, Gears, Collars.

Tool Redressing, Grinding and Fabrication

  • Break Out, Redress, Makeup and Test Drilling, Fishing Jars and all Fishing Tools.
  • Grinding and Rebuilding of Stabilizers.
  • Fabricate Waste Tanks, Storage Units, Pipe Rack, Water Tanks, Tool Boxes.