Joint Development Authority (JDA) okays Tecon for work in the Joint Development Zone (JDZ).

After meeting all the requirements, for working in the Joint Development Zone (JDZ) between Nigeria and Sao Tome and Principe, the Joint Development Authority (JDA) has granted Tecon the certificate of registration to enable us carry out our range of services. We have successfully run the 20” and 9-5/8” casings to section total depths for the Bomu-1 well on board the Transocean Sedco 702 rig. The well was drilled by SINOPEC, an operator of the JDZ block 2.

Tecon collaborates with Boots and Coots on the Yorla fire fighting campaign for NPDC.

Tecon has in the past one year, been conducting fire fighting/well control operations for wells with such issues in the swampy Niger Delta region. The work scope is providing well control services needed to put off an existing well head fire and providing a platform for proper well kill and abandonment. Conventional well control equipment and fire-fighting equipment like fire pumps and dispenser are utilized to achieve this. For a successful collaboration with Boots and Coots (the Pressure control experts) on a Job for the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC), our engineers were awarded certificates of recognition.

Tecon ventures into filtration services.

Two filtration units with 1100 and 1500 sq.ft filter press complete with slurry tanks, cartridge vessels, centrifugal pumps and necessary parts have been purchased from Flo Trend Systems Inc. USA. With these we would be providing filtration services on a standalone basis for drilling and completion operations for land, swamp and offshore locations, with years of garnered experience providing filtration as additional services alongside our HWO operations.

Tecon aquires new Hydraulic Workover Unit.

We have also acquired a newly refurbished ISS 340K Hydraulic Workover Unit from a leading manufacturer, International Snubbing Services (A Superior Energy Services Company), USA. The unit has a maximum pulling and snubbing capacity of 340,000lbs and 170,000lbs respectively with a 22,000ft/lbs rotary table. The unit is due to arrive Nigeria next month, thus increasing our HWO fleet.

NigerBlossom rig 101 arrives 1st quarter, 2010.

In growing our assets base and pursuing a fast track expansion, NigerBlossom Drilling Limited, a subsidiary of Tecon Oil Services has recently acquired a light truck mounted land rig. The NigerBlossom 101 rig was built in the United States by Stewart & Stevenson with an HP rating of 1000HP, 250 ton hydraulic Tesco top drive, an 11” x 10K rated BOP. The rig can drill to a total depth of 12,000ft with 5” drill pipe. This will ultimately position us as an indigenous drilling contractor, thus increasing our services portfolio. The rig is slated to arrive Nigeria, 1st quarter of 2010.

Marginal field operators indicate interests in partnering with Tecon.

Tecon Oil Services Limited has been in talks with Marginal Field Operators in the Vibrant Nigeria’s Oil and Gas sector to reach Partnership agreements in order to carry out Well re-entry campaigns to test, complete and produce potential oil wells that have since been abandoned by the Major E&P’s. Essentially we would be entering agreements to provide services that would be paid for at a later date owing to cash constraints on the part of the Operators. With these developments, we would be showcasing our financial and technical capabilities in the area of well workovers and intervention, while providing value added services. This will further catapult us to great heights as a major player in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Upstream Services.

Tecon establishes presence in Congo, Eni impressed.

In similar workover operations to the NAOC swamp campaign, Tecon has carved a niche for itself by launching itself in the Congo offshore waters. The client, Eni has since April, 2009 awarded Tecon the Hydraulic Workover contract for offshore platform ESP repairs, recompletions and workover operations. The contract has been extended from an initial 4months period to a firm 1 year, with revisions including mobilizing the HWU to their land locations. This Extension will in turn provide a stable environment to enable us fully establish our Oilfield Service Operations in the Republic of Congo and boost service delivery and coverage to Eni Congo and other leading E&P Operators.

Tecon waxing strong in the swampy waters of the Niger Delta.

Tecon’s Hydraulic Work over Unit, the Jack Hardy “ISS 340K” has been conducting a work over campaign in the swamp waters of OML 63 for Nigerian Agip Oil Company, with a firm 1 year contract duration and possibility of extension. The scope of work is workover and testing, suspending or abandoning of swamp well(s) up to maximum well depths of 3,700 meters (3050 meters is Standard depth) and in water depths of within 6 meters. Specifically, the work has been centered on recompletion with Electric Submersible Pumps, to bring the well back to their optimum production rates. Tecon has recorded an enviable success rate in this campaign with utmost focus on safety, reduced down time and increased operational efficiency with days on location for each well indicating optimum use of equipment and personnel.

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