Our Services

Our Services

Through major asset acquisition, ongoing replacements and upgrades, in-house tool redressing, precision machining, maintenance and manufacturing capabilities, We are proud to have under our management, the largest and most versatile inventory of independent company-owned Hydraulic Workover Units, Fishing Equipment and Tools, Casing & Tubular Running Equipment and Handling Tools, Milling Tools, Drill Strings and Downhole Drilling Tools in the Nigeria Oil and Gas theater of operations; out of large warehouses, workshops and offices in the oil cities of Port Harcourt and Warri, Nigeria.

We also have a committed pool of highly trained, experienced, and truly tested HWO/Snubbing Crew, Fishing Specialists for Cased-Hole, Open Hole and Slim Hole Fishing, Horizontal/Multilateral Wells Contingency Fishing Support. Experienced Casing & Tubular Engineers are also available as well as Drilling Supervisors on Rigs, Drill Stem Design and Well Engineering Consultants.